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Loss Of Innocence – An exhibition of children’s art from Gaza

This is an exhibition of more than fifty pieces of children’s artwork “some funny, some tragic, many beautiful” collected by Rod Cox during a visit to Gaza early in 2009. Rod visited in the wake of Operation Cast Lead, a sustained attack by Israel which, according to Red Crescent spokesperson Dr. Khalil Abu Foul, “did not just have 1500 killed, or 5000 wounded. It has traumatised the entire population, all 1.5 million.” The display comprises some 50 pictures by children, with accompanying text, some of it aimed at adults and some aimed at children. Inexplicably, the first page for younger readers fails to name Israel as the aggressor, referring only to ‘another country’ and ‘the other country':

“The children of Gaza want to make friends with children in what they call Britane (Britain). They drew these pictures to show you what happened to them when they were attacked by another country.

The exhibition is going to be in Wrexham for the next few weeks, starting at St. Mary’s Cathedral running until 17 May.

Rod Cox will give an evening talk while the exhibition is at the Cathedral. Date to be confirmed.

Contact peacedaywrexham [at] if you would like us to let you know when this date is finalised.

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