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Oriel YJB

Oriel YJB is an innovative new concept from YJB’s creative arts department.The goal of Oriel YJB is to make art accesible for all. The aim is to raise awareness of the arts and make it accessible for people who may have never been to a gallery let alone purchased a piece of artwork. We also hope to introduce artists and their work to a new audience.

To launch the stand alone event there will be an exhibition in June. Oriel YJB is asking established artists,well known welsh faces, emerging artists and students to donate one piece of artwork to the exhibition. It can be any size or scale. Members of the public will have the opportunity to purchase a raffle ticket for £10. The artwork received could potentially command a four figure sum or be commercially worthless. Artwork will remain anonymous until the point of purchase.This ensures every piece of work is judged on aesthetic value and not monetary value.

Any monies raised will be put straight back into arts initiatives in Wales and employing artists to work directly with young people. The scheme will also act as funding for equipment in order to start a leading edge project ‘YJB Creative Leaders Of The Future’. This scheme allows young people to gain skills from artists and mentors in order to lead workshops, curate their own exhibitions and work with primary school children across North Wales ‘bridging the gap’. This will equip young people with the skills and experience to enter the creative industries and the arts in this difficult economic climate.

Anyone interested should head to The Contributing Artists page, which includes Briony Jose, will continue to grow over the coming weeks and there is still time if you want your name on the list.

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