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Silent State

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Posted by mike

Welsh National Opera present an exciting new event to celebrate European Opera Day on Saturday 10th of May in Wrexham

Silent State is a theatrical adventure which combines live performance, intrigue and a treasure hunt-like game requiring participants to follow the adventure around several secret locations in Wrexham town centre. This is immersive theatre on a new level!

Working in combination with exciting gaming production company Yellobrick, plus reuniting with writer Ben Gwalchmai (who penned 3 episodes of our Soap Opera Nine Stories High!) – this new theatrical experience requires you to imagine a life without music. The setting is bleak: Wrexham is transformed into a dystopian, Orwellian, Hunger Games world where we need you to join the resistance – and put an end to the silence. Welcome to <B>Silent State</B>.

Tickets £5 available NOW from:

3 Start Times: 11.30am, 3pm & 6.30pm on Saturday 10th May (each performance lasts approx. 1½ hours) Ages 14+

Music has been banned and silence pervades the streets of Wrexham. It is a very different place, regimented and controlled, whilst the black market thrives with secret traders dealing in bootleg musical experiences. Anyone seen cavorting, making melodic merry or moving rhythmically are immediately detained. Being caught in possession of musical artefacts of any kind comes with a very high price. But there is hope … rumours are spreading behind closed doors of a resistance. A resistance against the silence. The time has come to make a stand. Are you ready?

Check out the Trailer below!

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