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Sivulla/On the Edge Launch

Sivulla is the current incarnation of the Finnish / Welsh cultural exchange that has been running since 2012, arranged by Marja Bonada (Wrexham) and Maija Helasvuo (Hyvinkaa, Finland). This exhibition was curated by Helasvuo, and features selected artists from South Karelian Artists Society (E.K.T.S.)

Sivulla is a Finnish word, meaning “On The Edge”. It refers to the geographical location of Karelia, being on the edge of Finland, next to their “Great Neighbour”; Russia. But it also refers to a state of mind, where the person is next to something or someone, but excluded from them. The work in the exhibition is from 7 artists from the region; Paivi Eronen, Maiju Heikkila, Teemu Heikkinen, Tuulia Iso-Tryykari, Jussi Nykanen, Paula Tella and Anne Tompuri. There are seven different responses to the theme, and their subject matter varies from alienation and self sabotage to humorous images of the Finnish close-to-nature bathing culture.

Photo’s below show the opening t on the 1st May. The exhibition will be at Undegun until 6th June. Open to the public Thursday to Saturday 12-4pm.

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