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12 Days of Artists: Liam Stokes-Massey

Posted by Kirsty

Over the run up to Christmas, THIS Project have approached 12 artists this festive season to ask 12 questions about them, their practice and what will they be up to this holiday. For our first artist we approached Undegun studio holder Liam Stokes-Massey to ask him about life, art and the prospects of 2016!


Name: Liam Stokes-Massey   

Current Location?
Undegun, Wrexham

Favourite Reindeer?:
Comet. Because that is one badass name.

Describe your self in 5 words:
Relaxed, Critical, Focused, Unfocused, Inconsistent

Favourite place, and why?:
I have many favourite places. I’ve just about settled into my studio and nearly got it feeling as comfortable as possible, so that’s certainly one. I go to local coffee shops to paint regularly as I really enjoy the vibrant atmospheres and talking to people.

But my favourite place of all places in the world has to be Iceland. I went on holiday earlier this year and fell in love. The mountains, the waterfalls, the people, the green expanses were the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. I hope to go back next year.

What is your current practice and what have you been up to?:
Currently I’m a pencil portrait artist primarily but have recently been exploring watercolour painting. I am colourblind so this has proved, er, ‘interesting’ at times but am slowly getting to grips with it and enjoying myself very much. I like to make little ‘pop culture’ and personal paintings which have proved very popular indeed with my customers.

How long have you been a practising Artist for?:
After a long hiatus (since school), I’ve been drawing properly for around 2-3 years.

At what point in your life did you know you wanted to be a Artist?:
My last job was working in a bank. I think some people who know me well might have raised an eyebrow when I got the job because it certainly isn’t ‘me’. After just over a year I decided to stop ignoring my gut and leave to become Self-Employed as an Artist. Mental.

Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to this Christmas?
I’m spending it with my girlfriend and her family, so that’ll be really lovely. Spending time with my family too, of course! Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a Massey clan kneesup!

Have you got any plans for the New Year?:
In the New Year I hope to take part in a couple of exhibitions – something I’ve never done before which is quite exciting! So I’ll be putting a lot of thought into original pieces to contribute. I hope to practice painting a lot more too! The beauty of being in this line of work is that the possibilities are truly endless. And that is really, really exciting.

If you could buy your 10 year old self anything for Christmas what would it be?
My 10 year old self had everything he could have ever wanted, so nothing! (Thanks Mum x)

If you could get anything for Christmas this year what would it be?:
My girlfriend has really knocked it out of the park with my presents this year. One in particular is probably the answer to this question, so she’s nailed it.


For more information about Liam or to contact him please feel free to follow these sites
Instagram: @pencilcraftsman

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