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Meet the Music Industry: Making the most of FOCUS Wales… and other industry conference events

Free Panel / Q&A session

FOCUS Wales and other industry showcase festivals across the UK (and internationally) exist to put music industry representatives in front of incredible performers; but also to offer an opportunity for these musicians, businesses and key industry people to network.

It’s your chance to meet face to face with booking agents, labels, promoters and more, all in one place…

Ahead of FOCUS Wales 2014, this informal panel session and Q&A presented with Welsh Music Foundation will provide essential, practical advice on how you can make the most of attending (and playing) such events. Find out what opportunities you could be seeking out and how to best do so. We’ll also be asking what do these events look for when selecting bands to play?

Thursday March 27th 2014

6.30pm – 8.30pm


3B, Priory Street / Wrexham / LL11 1SU

If you’ve been selected to play a festival or not,

If you’ve got a FOCUS Wales wristband or maybe just considering attending,

Join us for a free drink at the bar following this session too.

Book your place here: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/meet-the-music-industry-tickets-10656280221

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