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Shine Independent Musical Theatre Academy

Wrexham Leaflet
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Shine is an independent Musical Theatre Academy for students between the ages of 4 & 18, where every student is encouraged to take part and Shine in their own way. From 15th January 2014 Shine will be starting their Wrexham branch at Undegun and carrying on every Wednesday night.

Class Timetable at Undegun:

15.30-16.30 “Sparkles” (4-7 year old’s) £5 per session

16.45-18.45 “Juniors” (7-11 year old’s) £12.50 per session/£10 per week when paying  in advance.

18.30-21.30 “Seniors (11-18 year old’s) £17.50 per session/£15 per week when paying in advance.


Wrexham Leaflet


Undegun is the old JJB sports shop within wrexham high street.

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