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Posted by mike

After the huge success of THIS Projects pop-up gallery Undegun, formerly a JJB Sport store

that opened in July at the heart of Wrexham town centre, THIS are taking the next step and

expanding their creative empire. On 1st March 2014 the grand unveiling of THIS Project’s

second pop-up space 3B formerly a Laura Ashley’s store on Priory Street.

This is a call out for volunteers to help with both of THIS Projects pop-up gallery’s Undegun

and 3B, with the current expansion within THIS Project we are currently looking at ways to

have both spaces open more often during the week but also help people that are interested in

gaining real world experience within a gallery. THIS don’t just run exhibitions but also run a lot

of events, within the last 7 months alone THIS Project have ran 12 exhibitions, hosted 34 events

and worked with over 100 artists.

Examples of the type of events we have hosted are:

● Concerts and festivals (Including events as part of Focus Wales)

● Poetry Nights

● Craft Groups

● Workshops

● Artist Markets

● Family Events and gatherings

Currently THIS Project needs your help with the daily running of our galleries, from invigilation

to maintenance of the gallery. Contributing towards THIS Project means getting the chance to

work with and contribute towards the artistic community of North Wales and all the events we


So what would you gain from volunteering with THIS Project?

● Experience in working with a fast pace gallery.

● Learning new skills.

● Networking with artists, musicians and other creative individuals.

● Free entry to events

If you believe this is something you would be interested in being a part of or if you would like

more information please email THIS Project at: contact@thisproject.co.uk and we will be more

than happy to help.

Thanks for reading,


Dave, Kirsty and Mike

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