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12 Days of Artists: Hannah Hodge aka H a n n

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Posted by Kirsty

For the 11th day of our #12daysofartists the focus is on the youngest member of the collection, fashion designer Hannah Hodge aka H a n n.

Joining us here as a studio holder at Undegun in November of this year, Hannah has been a great addition to our wide range of artists and designers at the art space. Here is H a n n to tell us a bit about herself..

Hannah Hodge: Clothing name H a n n

Current location:

Favourite place and why?
Either the cinema or fabric shops especially the big ones! It’s like a play ground for me.

Favourite reindeer?
Rudolph because he’s the most colourful!

Describe yourself in 5 words:
…? wow minor identity crisis there. That’s five words though!

What is your current practice and what have you been up to?
I design and make unisex outerwear. I usually make a lot of one offs, your limited edition pieces so people can really get something unique. At the moment I’m finishing up a job at Fact in Liverpool and working on creating an online shop on

How long have you been practising for?
I started making clothes when I was 14, I was pretty shameless about wearing what I made regardless of how shoddy/handmade it looked.  I had always been interested in art and making things so it was a natural progression from other things I was doing.

At what point in your life did you know you wanted to be a designer?
I wanted to act for a long time and was part of a youth theatre, I really thought that was what I wanted to do (which apparently isn’t uncommon with designers ) I started making clothes when I was about 14 but I was 16 when I knew that’s how I wanted to go on. I really loved the whole process and seeing something go from an idea to solid object. I also went to see a Vivienne Westwood exhibition in Sheffield and thought that it was definitely for me. Every now and then something happens or I see something that confirm it for me and usually that ends up in a design somehow.

If you could buy your 10 year old self anything for Christmas what would it be?
A trip to India. I used to be obsessed with going there!! I read The Little Princess and while I don’t have a princess complex ( maybe a queen complex) I got completely caught up and read everything I could about India and ended up doing a school project on the food etc.

Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to this Christmas?
Watching films and eating. That’s it.

Have you got any plans for the new year?
I want to create a larger collection of clothing and have the online shop finished and looking good! I also want to expand the range to include clothing made solely from fair trade and ethically sourced materials. That’s something I really want to get into.

If you could get anything for Christmas this year what would it be?
A trip to Seoul! They are killing it at the minute with art and fashion! So many talented people coming out of that city and one of the biggest art festivals is held there. Also the food, the food , the food. sigh.

If you would like to see more of Hannah’s work or by updated about her shenanigans then follow her on Twitter: @hann_clothing, Instagram: @hann_wears or her website


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