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12 Days of Artists: Natasha Borton

Posted by Kirsty

For our 5th day of wonderful artists, THIS Project have the pleasure of introducing Natasha Borton, after recently graduating from her Masters course and moving to Cardiff we wanted to know what will be in store for her over Christmas and in the New Year.

Natasha Borton

Current Location:

Favourite place, and why?
St. Giles in Wrexham is my favourite place. I’ve sung there a few times, I’ve seen friends get married and I played the piano at a few of the All-age services. Other than all of that it is a balanced vision of the macabre and peace.

Favourite Reindeer?
I’m cheating but Donner and Blitzen, they’ve always seems one reindeer to me, they don’t exist wholly without each other.

Describe your self in 5 words.
I’m observer, eternally observed.

What is your current practice and what have you been up to?
At the moment I’m experimenting with performance poetry and music. After completing a large page poetry project (Signed Asbestos published by Erbacce Press) I wanted to get back to grips with words and rhythm. I’ve started this with a lots of performance with Voicebox Collective, Roundhouse and recently BBC 1Xtra – it’s still a very new avenue though.

How long have you been a practising Poet for?
Throughout the last year of university the page started to feel too limiting and I was asked to perform at a few events. I’ve been taking myself more seriously over the last 3 years as a poet and performer. It’s a difficult line in the sand to make.

At what point in your life did you know you wanted to be a Poet?
I didn’t get much choice, it’s a cliché but I’ve always written and performed. I think I’d lose a part of who I am if I abandoned it.

If you could buy your 10 year old self anything for Christmas what would it be?
I’d buy myself a memory from the future, if I’d have known a little patience I might have savored the moments a little longer.

Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to this Christmas?
This has been a turbulent, exciting, difficult year and I’m ready to look forwards now and put some distance between me and this year. I’m looking forwards to some spiritual and emotional cleansing.

Have you got any plans for the New Year?
I only moved to Cardiff a few weeks ago, so I’m trying not to make plans as such. There is a lot to come from Voicebox Collective as well as me individually, and some exciting plans being laid with another collective Spoken Witness in Manchester who were formed after BBC 1Xtra and Roundhouse WordsFirst project.

If you could get anything for Christmas this year what would it be?
This Christmas I’m just asking for good friends, good food and even better wine.

If you would like to follow Natasha and her work please feel free to visit her on Facebook, Twitter or her website.


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