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Galeri 3B is a pop-up gallery in the centre of Wrexham town that has been open up to the public since 1st March last year with the aim of giving artists the chance to experiment and push the boundaries of their practice in a supportive environment.


For six weeks between January 23rd and February 28th 2015, Galeri 3B is to host work from three developing photographers. Artists David McBride, Andrew Sharp and Alan Whitfield have all been brought together by artist and curator Marja Bonada. The exhibition, Light Drawing’, opens on January 23rd and is photography based with each artist showing you different techniques and theme giving this exhibition a wide and diverse perspective on photography as an art form.


Artist David McBride has previously documented landscapes through his photography but has recently shifted his interest on to navigational structures such as road markings and paths. All these things link to the infinite possibilities of the journey we have through our lives. For the exhibition Mcbride has been working on a series that documents the nature of the road markings, manhole covers, traffic cones and so on.


McBride comments “Since my initial explorations I have increasingly become fascinated with many aspects of the colour that I have sought on my travels. I have further expanded upon these musings to experiment with these findings and to treat and investigate colour through photography as a whole.”


Alan Whitfield is a visual artist who works within the context of fine art, he is intrigued by documentary, exploring the inner beauty of everyday life through various lend-based media. Notions of nostalgia and social commentary are present, but from a definite northern working class perspective. “I work instinctively, exploring the townscapes of North Wales and the North West, often producing work that reflects the everyday minutiae of life.”


Andrew Sharp has taken inspiration from the River Alyn, Sharp states “ These images are meant as breadcrumbs to lead the audience of the history of the Alyn Valley, there are also references to present use such a sports and modern industry.”



The launch takes place on Friday January 23rd at Galeri 3B from 6pm, with special guests Stan Dickenson (Heal the Last Stand) and Matt Nicholls (Camera) performing live.

idea 1 photo poster

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