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What is THIS?

Posted by Adam Davies

From the bright glowing embers of Wrexham’s Year of Culture 2011 comes THIS Project. THIS will gather together the rich veins of art and culture that flow through the county of Wrexham into one beating heart. We’ll be featuring cultural news and events with profiles of local groups and artists.

THIS is a collaboration between Rampant Dragon, Wrexham County Borough Council, Glyndwr University, Yale College, artists, arts & culture organisations and YOU!

If you’re an artist or performer, part of an arts group or collective, or just interested to find out what’s going on in Wrexham then visit our website to find out more.

Whether you’re working professionally in the arts every day; or are an amateur who likes to act, sketch or take photographs; or you are someone that enjoys reading a good book and watching films every now and again, art & culture are part of our everyday lives, part of how we define ourselves as being together with, and distinct from, other people in the world.

Wrexham has a wealth of artistic talent, stretching from film-makers and theatre companies, to musicians and street artists, and it’s time that we started shouting about it!

THIS Project, combining a magazine, website and a soon to be appearing smartphone app, will promote the arts across the county and surrounding region, to those that live here and those that visit.

To find out the latest on what’s happening join us on facebook.com/thisproject or twitter @thishq

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I am a dancer by trade and really enjoy it.

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